Washed ashore
Washed ashore water stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Water is the root of all creation.

Washed ashore

The moon is shining brighter than ever, its tendrils of light gently caressing the waves of the sea. The view from the shore was beautiful.

It was as if the water was calling to me, wave after wave crashing at my feet, the voluptuous movements of the silver colored liquid were tempting me in.

After a while I caved and went in with child-like wonder in my soul. I was splashing about near the shore with no worries in mind. I felt born again under the gleaming moon.

Later I went deeper to explore my new playground, like a kid going about his neighbourhood alone for the first time.

As I went further and further away, swimimg got harder. The waves were pushing me back as if to warn me, but I stubbornly kept going. The first worries in my new world just started to arrive.

Even further out into the sea I went. And there wouldn't have been anything to stop me if a storm didn't start.

Bigger and bigger waves were throwing me around like more and more problems pilling up.

I started to tire and wanted to go back, but I couldn't see the shore.

After a while of fighting the aggressors of my new life I finally fell and woke up the next morning, washed back to shore.

The sweet desire for rebirth I had the night before put me through lifes fastlane, I was born in a safe place which only gave me pleasure, I was thought how to face each wave one by one,

like difficulties in life and after that I threw myself head first into the real problems and lost my paradise.

I now just hope this is not foreshadowing what's to come in my actual life...

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