Voyage to the realm of possibility
Voyage to the realm of possibility autumn stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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A dream to rule them all!
A journey to the most coveted realm!
And I ended up trowing it away in mere seconds...

Voyage to the realm of possibility

It was a rainy autumn afternoon.

The leaves were desperately holding on to branches as the strong wind rushed past them.

I was sitting in my bed, looking out the window and waiting for the rain to stop so I could go out.

After a while the rain was showing no signs of slowing down, but my eyelids couldn't hold strong for much longer. They felt as heavy as lead, and soon enough I caved and fell asleep.

I found myself still on the bed, still looking out the window, with the only difference being that the rain had stopped.

I hastily grabbed my clothes and backpack and went to the nearby park.

When I finally made it there nobody was around.

"Pretty strange...", I thought to myself, "the park is always packed full with people, I guess the rain is to blame...", I shrugged and kept going.

Soon enough I had reached the fountain in the middle of the park, where I would usually sit to read, write or just to relax.

The place was special to me because there I met for the first time my best friend and a while after the love of my life.

But something wasn't right, the fountain was empty. It was the first time in my life when I saw the fountain with no water.

"It just doesn't feel right like this..." I grabbed hold of my backpack and wanted to leave "I can't focus if... Wait was that a rabbit?!"

I took a closer look inside the marble fountain. A rabbit was sleeping on the bottom and I could barely make out a wound on one of its legs.

Wanting to help I stepped over the marble edge, but my foot went right through the bottom of the fountain, along with the rest of myself.

I wanted to scream in fear as I kept falling through something that looked like a tube of vines.

As I kept going the rusty leaves were slowly turning greener, as if time was being rewound back to summer.

After a couple of minutes of the terrifying fall I started slowing down.

I ended up landing in a park almost identical to the one I was in, but instead of the creepy autumn colors of the old one, this one was gleaming green.

People all around me were talking happily and enjoying the beautiful day.

At first everything seemed normal, but out of the corner of my eye I saw a man and his family flying over the park, looking as if they were in a rush to get somewhere.

I remained petrified by the otherworldly sight.

As I kept starring in awe at the dozens of people flying by a little boy approached and spoke to me in a sweet voice:

"This is the place where all dreams come true, mister! I saw you looking confused so I assumed it is the first time you ended up here."

I was speechless, motionless, everything looked and felt like heaven, and so I was scared that something might have happened to me.

"S-so you mean that if I wish for something, it will come true? Anything?"

"Yes, more or less anything!", the boy shouted, excitement spilling out of his voice.

"I want to go back!" I replied without even thinking another second.

"They all say that the first time..." was the last thing I could hear the boy say as some hidden forced dragged me back up the vine tunnel and back in my bed.

I finally woke up to find that it was still raining outside, but the only thing I could think of was the wasted opportunity I just ran away from.

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