Variations on sorrow, a sonnet
Variations on sorrow, a sonnet poem stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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A sonnet disguised as an ode to sorrow.

Variations on sorrow, a sonnet

In the lands of sun erased, shapes faded and misplaced day and night last just as long as it takes to break a clock and life grows still, while twinning harmony and steel unseen and seldom mentioned, where Arcas taught weaving and bread fashioned.

After many an unnamed generations, the sun started to move for the creations they felt grasping fingers claw, and opened for the first time their eyes and saw thrust in pensive harmony, fearing their uncalled for new destiny gaining light and losing fire, fated to feed the newly lit pyre.

Memories came and stories finished, and the world finally accomplished gasping the first words and muffling the rest, and everything felt a heaviness in their chest.

But as it all drew to the first end, a wave of sorrow was sent from the bowels of the land, the shifting of the restless sand wet and darkened after the first tears.

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