Untwined destiny
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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final choice.

Untwined destiny

I don't want to pick...

Yet I must decide a way to take, to avoid the poisoned lake, the dark pool of doubts and madness, the horrors that left me speechless, the emptiness that breeds psychosis...

Rushed, I try to choose a road, saw one bearing a mute glow, paved with thorns and deadly blooms, with wonderful and toxic fumes...

And the forest deepened further, in the air a floating murmur, around a million petals, wolves howling like boiling kettles...

My pace fell to a stop, faced with a wethered crop, it looked foul, felt demented, everything it touched had melted...

This fruit of pain and suffering cut through my usual stuttering, reached far beyond my voice, right between my eyes, it grabbed at something just as decayed as itself...

And the road was a dead end.

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