The rare kind of... beauty, I guess?
The rare kind of... beauty, I guess?  opportunities stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Angelic eyes, soft voice, a completely absent look, a total disinterest for almost anyone and everything.
If this is not a once in a lifetime thing than I don't know what is.

The rare kind of... beauty, I guess?

"Today is going to be a good day..." he muttered as he turned on his computer. She gently seated herself at the computer next to him.

"Good morning!"

And the conversation spiraled until the class ended.

The opportunity for this sort of stuff to become routine came about when the teacher decided to move some students around, and it turned out really well for a certain somebody in class.

He always liked to observe this kind of chances being thrown at people randomly, he thought that one day a pattern would emerge,

he also thought that he would never be the recipient of such a chance.

He was wrong.

It came about in the most uninteresting of ways. He wasn't even that interested in her, it was more like he was mesmerized by the fact that she was a complete mystery to him.

She seemed like this weird breed of beauty and apathy, it was unrealistic to claim that she isn't unique in her style and atitude.

This ticked him off for a while, but not enough to just walk up to her and hope for something other than swears.

Getting to talk a bit actually cleared up a lot of the mystery of her appeal, not all of it though.

But still, it's better than nothing, better than just thinking about it without any real drive to do something.

That day was a good day.

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