The princess in the ivory tower
The princess in the ivory tower dragon stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Hopefully the first entry in what will be my first novel (kind of).
Tower sketch made by: Michael Wisehart (https://michaelwisehart.c...)

The princess in the ivory tower

Hidden away, never thought to be seen by a mortals eye, lies a princess worthy of joining the gods.

It is said that her beauty is unmatched in the whole world, that her hair is as blond as the sun and her smile is brighter than a full moon.

She was taken away from her family by a servant of the gods because inheriting her fathers throne would be a threat to the rulers of the world.

Every day she would look out the only window of the tower and hope that one day someone would rescue her.

It was a day just like any other for the kidnapped girl, she had just woken up and was going to look at the sun rise. Stumbling a bit after the deep sleep, she made her way to the giant window.

It was the same sight she saw everyday, a beautiful but now boring sun, making its way slowly over a mountain in the distance. After that she went to eat her breakfast.

The 4 years of being alone in the tower have taken a toll on her mind, but she remained just as beautiful in her soul and body.

She never lost hope that one day she will get to leave her prison and return to the ones she loves and to the kingdom that, under her command will become the one to overthrow the gods.

The only things she does all day is either train with the her fathers sword, which she managed to hide when being kidnapped, or on the days when she fells the most alone,

sing the tunes which were taught to her back at the castle, so she could remind herself of the times when she could walk among the people of her kingdom,

which loved her as the gentle and righteous ruler she would one day become.

Today she just wanted to sing the songs she heard long ago in the square which stood in front of her room of the castle.

"I walked alone in foggy dew, just me and my memories, a voice out seaward beckons thru, a whistle of love for me, for me, a whistle of love for me."

Her voice was as soft as the warm summer breeze and as melodic as a bards mandolin and flute. It was one of her favorite songs as it fit perfectly with her windows view of the sea.

She kept on singing the wondrous tune while gazing towards the ends of the water.

As she finished a tear was rolling down her rose colored cheek. Even more followed, she let out a sigh and went back to her bed, hoping that the sorrow in her heart will soon stop growing.

She didn't even have enough time to end her thoughts as the light that came through her window started to fade away.

Scared by the sudden darkness she hid away in a corner of the room and started praying as a tidal wave was closing in on the gleaming white tower.

The impact felt very weak, much to her surprise, and once all the water finally dripped back in the sea she could see her savior, the one who was gonna lead her back home,

and then to the ends of the world and back to achieve her life long goal.

A blue dragon was starring directly at her, water still streaming off of him. Swiftly he swung his tail in the window and broke it in a million pieces.

The princess knew that this was her time of liberation, the time for her to take whats rightfully hers.

In a mad sprint she grabbed her sword and jumped on the dragons back, holy fire growing in her heart.

"It's a pleasure, my princess!", said the dragon as he started flying faster and faster through the salty air.

"If you know who I am then you know where we are heading, so go faster! There's no time to waste!"

"But of course."

Making haste, the blue winged beast almost sent the princess flying, but now nothing mattered but speed, and righteous justice against the cowardly beings who dared to call themselves gods.

After agonizing minutes they reached the capital of the mighty empire of the blue seas.

But the sight wasn't a familiar one, it was more akin to a hell now,

fire spreading around every street and building and dark monsters swarming the streets on which the royal guards were struggling to regroup.

"No..It can't be...",tears started falling again from the princesses eyes.

"Go and extinguish the flames and help the civilians, I'll handle the monsters!", her steel resolve started to shine through.

She jumped of the scaly hide of the dragon and landed right on one of the shadow creatures, thrusting the sword through its head.

The guards stumbled back as she kept on cutting the countless monsters.

After the last shadow was driven back they finally managed to regroup under the young woman's lead, and stated to make their way around the city following the dragons directions.

By sundown the city was free from any threats and everyone gathered back in the garrison of the castle.

An emergency coronation was taking place as the king and queen were slaughtered at the beginning of the assault.

With crown on head, tears in eyes and burning vengeful desire for revenge in heart, the now queen took an oath to bring the fight back to the tyrants that reside at the end of the world,

to crush them beneath the boots of the people they tormented, to take their powers and to use them to rule in their place, to bring the whole world to peace under her rule.

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