The first traveler
The first traveler wish stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Part 2 of the valley saga. First wish fulfilled.

The first traveler

"I'll find it! I need to find it! If the rumors are true... I'll never come back..."

The first real attempt begins now. A single broken man starts the journey, hoping to get back what he once held so dear.

A little path, a breezy forest, an empty cabin, and a little campfire.

A simple list of directions.

Step after step he made his way through the whole list: finding the path, not getting lost in the woods, not getting distracted by the cabin, not burnt by the fire.

Like the safe guy he was...

As safe as ever...

with safe dreams, safe desires, no risks...

The valley did bestow upon him what was promised, the deepest desire of his.

And safe it was.

An easy life, in a little cabin, with the person he worked all his life for.

Nothing more, nothing less.

But when the rumors of the first accomplished explorer, more and more started the journey with bigger goals in mind.

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