The fear experiment
The fear experiment alone stories

blastimusangels feared to thread, but still fell
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This is just cruel.

The fear experiment

The dark is home to many fears. Too many.

They eat at our minds, souls, dreams.

They plunge deep inside rooting themselves around the most vulnerable spots.

It hurts to fear aproaching the one you love. It hurts to fear what others think of you. It hurts to fear getting used to it all.

It hurts

It hurts

It hurts.

And it hurts the most to never be able to control fear.

Just feel yourself turning in a matter of seconds to dust, with nothing to turn you back.

Feel them overwhelm you in moments, turning every spotlight on the mistakes you've made, on every little trip, every stutter.

Feel everyone losing interest in you in a matter of days.

Feel it,

fear it,

live it,

survive it.

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