The display of my life
The display of my life badge stories
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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what badges do you have

The display of my life

On the wall, above my bed, I have a display which i fill with special "badges", of the times most important to me.

Like my first birthday, the first steps, even getting to speak my first words, all those events forever kept in badges resembling tiny pacifiers.

I have more, from graduations, exams and events like concerts, and i keep them all neatly organised.

Some of them however are on the back of the display, stuck to the wall, and nobody that visits asks about that side,

what viridity of thought to assume that what you don't see doesn't exist or matter, but since I'm writing this i might as well mention that those are the ones I have yet to earn,

ones that I haven't fulfilled the prophecies of, ever since they all appeared on my desk one full moon night.

Among them stand out a few: the first dark nightmare, worst day of my life and the first day of death.

I'm gonna earn them all soon, one by one, and on the last day the last three.

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