Sun and irrationality
Sun and irrationality pool stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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What are your fears?
It doesn't matter if they are rational or not, everybody has them.:)

Sun and irrationality

The sand is burning my feet at the local pool. I was bored after half an hour of sunbathing so I went for a swim.

Still bored I lifted myself back on the concrete edge of the pool, looking around for something to do.

The towering trampolines caught my attention. There were four in total, the first three meters high and the rest going up by three more meters each.

I went up to the last one, which didn't seem all that tall from the ground, but as I started climbing I got more and more scared.

When I finally reached the top I almost couldn't move, twelve meters felt like a hundred, all my senses were amplified including fear.

My feet felt weak, my mind more aware than ever, a wrong step could've thrown me off the edge.

After some excruciating minutes I managed to go down to the second trampoline and I jumped in the water.

I then went back to my beach chair to relax a bit after seeing the terrifying height.

As I thought about it, everything now seemed ridiculous.

How could six more meters make a difference big enough to scare me to a stop.

I would've landed in water anyways so nothing bad would've happened, since I'm pretty good at swimming.

It didn't make sense at all, but I knew that if I got up there again it would've been the same way as before.

Overwhelming irrationality...

Fear you can't overcome...

Total loss of control...

And we'll never be able to deny it.

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