Starting anew, wanting to forget the old
Starting anew, wanting to forget the old spark stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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About an "ordinary" boy.
Not quite fiction.

Starting anew, wanting to forget the old

A new spark birthed out of the smoldering flame of creation, and it flew around, aimless.

It passed many sights, some beautiful, like sparkling waterfalls and whimsy forests, but none seemed worthy.

It passed by many people, some successful and happy, others wallowing in pain and sadness, but it decided that they weren't worthy either.

It kept at it's search, each day getting closer to losing hope, to giving up.

But one day a promising person showed up:

just a simple boy, living a simple life, dealing with problems on a daily bases, getting through them one by one.

He seemed just like any other boy his age at first sight, but as the little spark kept watching him live each day his image changed.

He changed moods around his friends, like he was forgetting everything that would plague his days back home.

Always was the one to make the first step to help someone, even if just seconds ago he was close to tears.

That is what the spark saw, what the boy saw was different:

it was his daily grind for acceptance, for the little compliments that kept him going.

He felt happy when he managed to make others smile, or at least hurt less, because he felt that if someone deserved pain, it was him.

Never once thinking that the thoughts that plagued him home or whenever else he was alone were unfair or unwarranted.

Everything felt deserved, becoming expected, it was meant to show him that he could never be good enough.

It was way to hard to come to terms with it at first, but with time it settled inside, deep, never expecting it to be dug out.

And so the spark kept watching the boy, oblivious to his thoughts, thinking if it finally found the one.

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