Shame and misery made me be
Shame and misery made me be myself stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Please reach out when someone seems down.

Shame and misery made me be

Such a shame to give in to the mundane our only valuable resource.

Our hope and dreams, passions and fears, to throw them all away because we fear what others say.

To lose the sense of self-worth, to put ourselves down in the dirt.

I admit to commiting the crime I preach against, I heralded my own demise, I ignored the gown that covered my eyes.

I took a blind leap in my judgements, I left behind all armaments, plunged in shaming myself for mistakes I didn't make, and hurting myself for sins that were fake.

Alas it got worse and worse, but it left room for one more curse: having to muster the courage to lift the spirits of three souls, while mine remains seated on a stool at home and weeps.

I promised myself to never let anyone spiral out like me, and so I'll make it be, even if everyone else will keep ignoring me.

So lend a hand if you can comprehend the words I spat out while lying kicked down on the ground.

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