Requiem of a damned mother
Requiem of a damned mother sad stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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This is my first crack at posting on this site and I really want to refine my writing hobby so all criticism is welcome.
I can't really give much insight on this short story as I wrote it a while ago.
I hope that this will be the beginning of a long journey for me on this platform.

Requiem of a damned mother

It was 3 am and she was still in that airport lounge. The cold was slowly but surely making its way into her bones while she waited for the flight to her sons state.

The plane finally showed up after an excruciating delay of three hours.

With regained hope of making it in time Sarah stumbled into the plane, hands and feet still numb, but heart ablaze.

She would do anything to see her son just one last time, before he rifts into the cold nothingness, but little did she know what she was about to endure.

After a while of peaceful flying the turbulence began to feel slightly stronger and more frequent. The pilot went straight through a rain cloud because of a radar malfunction.

Thunder was crackling all around and lightning bolts were the only light source left. The stewardesses stumbling because of the rocking of the plane, managed to strap everyone in their seats.

But they knew, the pilot knew, and most of all, Sarah knew, they all knew that the chances of a successful flight were slim to none existent.

It was going to be a massacre in the middle of the great rocky mountains which they were passing from above.

Their fate was sealed by a swift lightning bolt to the left wing. The plane was crashing through the jagged rocks that were a mere sight a couple of minutes ago.

A last prayer was left behind in the wreckage by Sarah.

A requiem of a lost soul looking to reunite with her son, but little did she know that he passed away just minutes after the plane took off.

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