Reflections of a season past
Reflections of a season past love stories
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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The most welcoming slap of my life

Reflections of a season past

Oh summer sun, you hit me each morning like the bullet of a gun! As holy as the habit of a nun, daring me to go out and have some fun!

And since it's summer, I sure will! I'll swing my feet like a runner, trying to outsmart the treadmill!

I'll go out in the high noon heat, and I'll... This sight will surely never repeat!

Water droplets from the fountain nearby sparkle in the air, surrounding a girl that looked like a goddesses heir.

Her golden locks of hair, her prismatic blue eyes, they had me fading into thin air, had me praying to the high skies...

This is not the real me, just a half baked illusion... But she seemed real to me, and I want this first sight love to have a conclusion...

I want to approach her, to start a pleasant conversation... but it's hard to find the courage when you forgot how to feel elation...

"Just do it already!" I bully myself into submission. I'll go and fulfill my mission...

"Hey! Beautiful weather we're having, don't you think?" utters a soft voice before I can even blink.

"It sure is, but it would be better with some ice cream, or maybe a cold drink?" I'm pushing it to the brink...

"How about some ice tea?" is this happening, really...

"Sounds good to me!" and we start shyly walking towards a coffe shop that also serves cold tea...

It started out with the usual pleasantries, getting to know her, under the cool shade of the trees. We got along pretty well, and suddenly a leaf fell.

Summer was ending, i was no longer pretending, to have fell ill of love, I got slapped with her glove, for forgetting to kiss her when we met today, a month after I started to adore the name May.

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