Party for a million mind dwelling guests
Party for a million mind dwelling guests party stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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And even now they keep shouting

Party for a million mind dwelling guests

The table is set, the platters are full of delightful entrées,

I'm just sitting there alone

I start inviting all of my thoughts to take a seat.

They all do, and soon no chair is left empty.

"I want us all to start getting along!" I start yelling

"I'm sick of you all bickering up there, in my head, all day! Just stop, I want to enjoy myself once in a while!"

After I'm done ranting silence completely covers the room.

"Well how about you stop bossing us around! We exist for a reason!" some mangled memory starts shouting at the oposite end of the table

"And that reason is to show you who you truly are, where you truly belong! You can't deny all of us!" a dark thought chimes in as well

"Yeah, we decide how you are going to feel!" even more start speaking

It soon gets overwhelming, everyone is shouting, plates are being thrown, chairs broken...

And I'm just sitting there, alone...

Wondering where I went wrong

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