On the cybernetic horizon
On the cybernetic horizon feelings stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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And that me will never meet that you.

On the cybernetic horizon

On the wide web of worlds that have intertwined by chance, this text stands meaningless.

It can take the shape of love, of beauty, of pain, of tears.

Of warm spring noons or cold autumn nights.

Of dumb quotes meant to tug at severed heart strings, to make you fall for someone that doesn't exist, that never will.

Of love stories that never happened, and nobody expects to.

Of places of joy and play, of work and turmoil.

Of real illnesses that plague inocent people, or fake ones that belong to the ones that want attention.

But most of the time it will take the shape of a me that you will never see, and of the you that I dream about every night.

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