Moonfire burns dark
Moonfire burns dark night stories
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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And leaves eternal scars.

Moonfire burns dark

"And the moon shines brightly...", a soft voice spoke.

"And the moon shine brightly for you, for me, for everybody. It's reflection flows seemlessly on the perfectly still mirror-like water."

"It twists and turns, laughs and cries, fades away and back in. It's toying with us, with our feelings and beliefs, making us spill secrets, tell lies or say truths that should stay hidden."

"The moon is a cruel mistress, yet the most charming..."

The voiced echoed away, somewhere distant.

Everything felt empty, meaningless, unworthy.

It hurt without any pain, it burned without any flame.

It meant nothing, what happened today, or yesterday, or any other day, it all passed and will repeat, to a broken yet mundane beat.

It might be on a low now, it will rise in the future, it might be on a high, it will surely plummet.

So this high is near the end.

Wish me luck.

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