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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Months in seconds

January snowed with tears of ice that shattered, melted and dried out not once but twice.

February started blooms of love and life and blew us high and far en route to paradise, our ties to earth severed by natures sharp knife.

March turned to loving gazes, seeing shadows of my past mingling with my future, talking about subjects I've never grasped.

April showers rolled about and got me wondering about how I could make it jump-start, make love rejoice on it's brittle throne of words and hearts.

May did come and my luck changed, flowers died and so did I but reborn in fruits and flavors I managed to thrive, this time on cherry lips and tearless eyes.

June was the month of honey eyes and combing lies out of tangled messes of shallow strands of molten ice, tearing apart our once lonely lives.

July had waves of heat test us on repeat and loop us out of normal days and into our own time and space, in a new place we learned to call home.

August went fast with memories to last us a lifetime of trust, of stories to tell others, to make a big fuss, a hopeless charade to play to our tastes.

September is when we were back to the present, the real time for us, one we knew we needed love to pass and thats what we did, and our doubts got up and hid.

October will have to come and prepare for me and my will to make it quick and pass it fast so I could start my perfect life.

November will start my winter of dreams, with the one i love, free of tears so nothing could shatter nor bend nor brake just elate.

December will come, woe to us all, we will surely plummet on this comet we call a planet.

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