Monochrome ruins
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Monochrome ruins

I tripped and I fell inside an ornate circle.

Made of alabaster it popped out of the simple stone tiles of the city I was walking in seconds ago. It seemed to mark an entrance of some kind, one closed for many ages.

An alabaster circle rose in the middle of the town, and I was the one chosen to find it first, to figure out it's purpose and how it came to be.

It looked like the ring of an elder god, one of balance and justice, and at that thought it pulsated with unseen energy once, then twice and thrice more,

like it just got charged from the synapses inside making that assumption.

Rune-like shapes started to glow from the outline of the disc, and it flew up high into the clouds at a finger snap, with no forces being felt around.

I got a good look of my surroundings, a land of marble and granite, all chiseled into intricate shapes and monuments, with seemingly no rhyme or reason,

but harmonious nonetheless with their perfect blend of light and dark tones.

It vanished just as quick as it appeared and i was left on my feet a few meters west from where i was standing, on top of a building.

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