Limited allegiance
Limited allegiance  boundaries stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
Autoplay OFF   •   10 months ago
For this piece i got myself the daily prompt "boundaries" and another prompt from a friend(whom I must thank loads) "forest" and set myself a goal to finish this within about 15 minutes, probably apparent by the quality.

Limited allegiance

The path leads deeper still, Charming thrill, Atop the green hill lay a cross, A life of death, eaten by a gray moss.

A ditch is outlined by rosy flowers, Deadly bloom Everything beyond is out of your powers, Slyther away

Atop the hill the cross topples over Hell bent Nobody dared to pass the ditch to rescue a former lover Spineless

The cross lay toppled still Playing ill You dare confront death for someone who fell for a feeling? Just to not feel devoid of all feeling

The forest sleeps, and he within The forest secret keeps, behind doors of wooden steel The forest preys on those who dare outlie alone and plead despair.

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