It couldn't be true, it is
It couldn't be true, it is feelings stories
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blastimusangels feared to thread, but still fell
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Pretty much sums up the last 5 weeks.

It couldn't be true, it is

Is it dementia or just a cruel misunderstanding, is it a pure coincidence or madness.

It all slid into place, cracking open the masked face, waiting for me to replace, the rhythm or pace, so it won't fall from grace.

I hope I'm just demented, or maybe didn't comprehend it...

It breaks me to pieces, to comfirm to hollow thesis, to converse words without cohesion, in my brain that lacks permission to look any further, to lessen the burden.

I'm neither mad, demented nor masochistic, I'm hopefull that everything is a lie.

The only lie is my hope.

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