Hymn for too many broken galaxies
Hymn for too many broken galaxies universe stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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And they still complain about the little things, those silly little people. They don't know what could've been, or couldn't have I should say.

Hymn for too many broken galaxies

And as the door opens you find...

well, nothing.

Literally nothing.

You just became an observer of what is to unfold.

Slowly but surely particles begin to bunch up in the middle of said nothing.

They look small and frail at first.

A sudden explosion changes that look.

It's not really an explosion, more like the Big Bang.

A new universe is starting to form around the powerless husk you became upon entering that door.

And everything is boring. Just planets floating around.

Upon a closer look, some things move around one of those planets.

They keep moving around for a while, and you become quite fond of them; they are your only company after all.

After a long time you can notice them grow and transform, take over the planet.

They adapt to the environment, they develop new limbs, furs, abilities.

They seem amazing now, living on their own little planet, moving around like they own the place. Pretty cute.

And as you finish the thought, everything crumbles back into nothing, the universe folded back on itself.

Well that is a misfortune, they could've ended up ruling the whole universe.

Well too bad.

On to the next.

Confused, you already miss the little critters that grew up before your eyes, and dread the nothing that has returned.

It takes a lot longer this time for the particles to gather, but they do eventually.

And they stay together for a bit, no rush.


They colapse.

No universe at all this time.

Let's try again.

Nothing, then particles, then...


Of to a great start.

Some more tiny life forms around on a planet.

Still good.

They evolve quickly, no deviation from the base species.

They look otherworldly to you, and they are.

But harmonic somehow.

They live together perfectly, no traces of conflict.

Quickly reach other planets, other galaxies.

Still perfectly together, not facing any hardship.

Then they vanish too, with their universe.

You remember them as perfect, but in truth they are just a meaningless, wasted creation, with no real value and no challenges.

So now, you guessed it, time for another one!....



And more and more went by, all ending abruptly, or not even starting at all. All boring, or just to fast.

But after thousands or millions or billions of attempts, something finally seemed interesting.

It began like any other, nothing, particles, planets, life, evolution, species...

But along the way there happened to appear some new things, smart things.

They are not as smart as some others you've seen, not as strong, not as determined or focused or active.

They are all different, they have conflict, they hate, they love, they break and they build back up, time after time.

Slowly inch their way to the top of the foodchain, then of the planet.

They live to think, or to be happy, or whatever they want.

Now you remember that you are part of them, the "humans" or whatever.

You see the history taught to you back home unfold, with no end in sight.

You keep watching for an eternity...

They are all so noisy, yet the noise seems to unite in a single hymn, a hymn for the unlikely, a hymn for what those other times could have been.

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