From here to there, to her deceitful lair
From here to there, to her deceitful lair love stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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~love is overrated~

From here to there, to her deceitful lair

Dreams of serene nights,

unreachable heights,

all engulfed in your eye's brights,

sustained by shimmering lights.

Ruby lips murmur in an unheard tone,

then I remember I'm just daydreaming alone,

thinking of the person I want to help me write my life's tome,

you, the one for which I learned my pen to hone.

Forgetting all time and space,

I fought for the first place,

to maybe feel the warm embrace,

that you promised to the winner of the race.

And i fought clean and fair and square,

your memory softly crept into my hearts sealed lair,

I got to yours but you weren't there,

only crimsons strands of your hair.

Like bread crumbs they lead my way,

on the trek my hope did sway,

my pace once faded in dismay,

but with my heart on a silver tray,

I got to where my love lay.

And here I am, with little left to spare,

I may have gotten caught in your snare,

I may look desperate with my starstruck stare,

but all in all I faced it all, went from there, a place of emptiness, came to this lair, heart in hand, because it all pales against the thought of your pure and gentle care.

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