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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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I set my plea in fragrances of muffled noises, I hope the "grass" beneath your feet doesn't sting like the scorpions of my stars, and I hope that flowers that you would pass by daily will, for a while, catch your eye and make you remember me and what I write for you tonight.

I hope I speak in tongues you hear and love like I love the language of your heart, I hope you hear mine beating for you, gasping for yours when your eyes meet mine and spark together, lighting the fireworks of the days we celebrate, the days we spend together, the ones that mark weeks and months, that mark blooms and harvests of our love.

I hope you pick a flower and hide it where you always hide all the tokens of love you get from that special someone that tries too hard and loves you in words as much as he does in person, I hope you look at that flower and see what I would have written on its petals:

"Forget-me-not now nor ever, just like I would never forget the day I first saw in you the morning dew of our lives together"

And lastly i hope you read between those lines and see that love is not wasted in words and pictures, on flowers and paragraphs that drown in the light of the day, of your smile, that love is something you will always find right besides you no matter how far away it may seem and that as long as you are you, I am love, and I will sit right next to you always,

so read us together, from me to you every time you pass by my wish.

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