End within the abbys
End within the abbys pain stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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I know they are right.

End within the abbys

"Lets begin now, shall we?"

It's dark, I can barely see a dim red glow in the direction of the voice.

"First of all, why do you think you ended up down here and not up there?"

I feel dizzy and hot, my mind is melting at the second, I have no idea where I am.

"Oh... Still confused I see. Well take your time, but not too long or you won't be able to speak anymore. I'll just give you the first hint, you're in HELL!"

The darkness was replaced by bright red lights. Only after a couple of seconds did the realisation kick in, I died.

"But I always did my best and I've been a good friend and I've helped people in need! How could I get left here!"

I was stumbling through my words, and have even forgot how I died, but it wasn't important anymore.

"Than your best wasn't enough! So what if you tried! It doesn't matter if you didn't succeed! Nobody will remember you for trying, they will all remember you because you failed!"

Every word hit me harder and harder, my mind was breaking, my soul was burning and I could only sit there. I tried to reach my hand towards the demon, but it passed through.

Everything vanished, I was back home. Everything was just the voice in my head, I got tricked by my own thoughts, but they might be right.

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