Dwindling dandelion
Dwindling dandelion simple stories
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Just another flower of mine.

Dwindling dandelion

It's a perfect summer afternoon, and I'm spending it watching my garden and enjoying the flowers that I grew there.

I loved them all, but once in a while one grabs my attention in particular, and this time it just happened to be a little dandelion.

It is so simple yet so interesting, growing between a rose and a tulip that desperately try to outshine it, but they never will.

Simplicity is the luxury everybody can afford but nobody wants,

it brings true beauty to light and shows that life is not always a jumbled mess of worries, unrealistic goals, pain, and struggle for happiness.

I'm still looking at the flower, not being able to take my eyes off it. There just is something so captivating about it, the sun-like yellow almost blinding,

the ability to completely transform to something just as simple, but somehow even more interesting.

Going from looking like a normal flower to its seed head form, the simplicity remains but its wisdom changes.

It looks worn out, at the end of its powers, a single gust of wind sealing its fate, but starting the journey of the little seeds.

I lost the track of time and it started raining. Guess I'll let nature take its course.

Good-bye little sun of mine!

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