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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Some more of my late night ramblings.

Depth of meaning

A life without meaning is like a journey without a destination, beautiful in its own way but ultimately nothing remains at the end.

That's the reason everyone dashes through life towards hopes of making it big and being famous, just so they can be remembered after their inevitable death,

beacause you truly die when someone has thought about you for the last time. And all of this has turned existence into a meaningless grind that consumes every last part of us.

The journey has been twisted to a boring routine with no redeeming qualities other than a one in a million chance of actualy getting somwhere in life.

All the wonder and mistery has been left out in favor of "safer" alternatives, beauty left out for efficiencies sake.

But I'll keep on living my life how I find it best, I'll keep getting the feeling of meaning from the words I type with my keyboard or I write with my pen, even if they will reach no one.

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