Departure from the middle ground
Departure from the middle ground  sky stories

blastimusbut they since rose, and won the day.
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And she bloomed like a wild blossom, with vibrant colors that couldn't be maintained by a normal life.

Departure from the middle ground

At first she came across as quite rude and mannerless. Walking with a sort of difficulty, as she wasn't used to not being in water permanently.

During the festival Jonah always kept keen watch on her, making sure she wasn't wasting any time, teaching her to hold good posture,

to talk politely and to at least seem from somewhere in the city.

Even through all of this he still kept her natural and wild side alive, only making her behave around others.

It was a relationship meant to bloom quickly and with great and flashy results, but the festival was almost over, and Jonah soon had to leave...

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