Counting for introverts
Counting for introverts introvert stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Above five is like hell...

Counting for introverts

One is lonely,

like a single star in the cloudy night sky, the others are there, just out of reach.

Two is intimate,

but takes experience, like a wise old master teaching everything he knows to the best apprentice,

and charm, like a freshly bloomed rose gently embracing the morning sun.

Three is company,

deadly for the lonely, favoured by the rest,

it chases away privacy and keeps feelings at bay, just like an unwanted pair of eyes and ears.

Four is perfect for the individual,

enough to choose from, to tear apart without feeling left out,

like the center of a walnut, frail yet united, easily torn apart but still the same in essence.

Five is already too many.

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