Cloud gazing
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Mundane repetition is not always a lack of inspiration.

Cloud gazing

In the floating city a lonely girl gazes far beyond the clouds.

With no complex and meaningfull expression, just an absent stare.

She is dangling her feet on the edge of the only world she knew, a small city above the clouds.

She begings to hum a cheery tune, still expressionless. No worries cross her mind, no deep desires or pains, no loneliness no fear of falling off, no troubles and no bad memories.

Her only thoughts are of what she'll do later, who she'll go to play with, what movie to watch.

Just an ordinary life, simple yet beautiful in its own right. There's no need for complex mentalities and webs of lies and painful memories to live life.

Suddenly the city comes to a halt, the girl flinches for a second.

She can see a rope being thrown down, to what is most likely a new citizen that'll get to enjoy a simple life.

Now, which of us would climb up that rope?

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