Closer to the root of all unknown
Closer to the root of all unknown sky stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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It starts to build up.

Closer to the root of all unknown

Jonah went back to the art district and told everyone about his idea.

At first it was believed to be blasphemy, but because Jonah, the young prodigy was the one to make the sugestion, more thought was given to the idea.

Suddenly the thought of having a festival for the fine artists on the rugged sea seemed appealing.

The contrast between the graceful actors and actresses and the barbaric waves that would strike constantly against the stage,

the new brutal sights for the painters who were so accustomed to ethereal skies,

the rhythmical sounds of the waves would be a new tune for the orchestras and singers and new muses in the waters would entice the writers.

It all started to feel perfect, like the stage was already set up for them.

The rumors about the "Festival of broken wings" spread like wildfire through the floating citadel.

Several scouts were on watch for days on end to try spotting an island where the city could lay down an anchor and dock.

Jonah and the others were also busy all day long, writing new plays, songs and poems.

A new pantheon of the sea was created by a group of writers that aimed to make the waters an integral part of the fine culture of the city.

After weeks of anticipation a large island came into view, it was covered by a lush forest, with wild plants that were never seen by the sky citizens.

The preparations began as the first step was made on the island, Jonah's step.

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