Chromatic deception, hollow realization
Chromatic deception, hollow realization  bittersweet stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Now the shade fades.

Chromatic deception, hollow realization

Taking a trip down memory lane I saw her name Graceful engrave On the fast lane, still cast over with shade.

The road seemed deserted, The pavement frustrated, My thoughts inundated the shallow potholes that serve as graves for the bad words you took away.

"Sad" is a myth, "bitter" is now always paired with sweet, Love is the present, together the future, Harmony reality, beauty I can indulge in, yet...

The dream of queens and kings that blind your eyes, steal your dreams feed you lies, feed your fears, scream your secrets, take your means, and leave you with nothing... The dream now fades, it settles down, sprinkles atop a guilded crown...

Dreams are fiction, my reality is sacred, I came across this crown in a state most hated, My world of grey and black got painted, And when the brush got sated... A drop of color took my eyes, my mind, my heart, my...self.

My self became hers.

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