Bright, dark passions
Bright, dark passions dark stories
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Grasped by the holiest of sins.

Bright, dark passions

Light tendrils are getting pulled down by dark thorny roots.

The lonely bright figure is engulfed by a bloody rose. It twists its roots and leaves, the lustful red of the petals shimmering silently in the moonlight.

The figure is powerless, tied down by the rose that took its heart by force.

It doesn't cry out for help, or struggle, or fight back. The rose is free to corrupt every inch of the being, since it doesn't want to fight the love he once craved so desperately...

And it now consumes it whole, with a destructive force never imagined before. It hurts sweetly, it burns passionately, it aches with needy undertones.

And the light is now obscured by the dark, unveiling the sacrament of sin...

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