Breakthrough atmosphere
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Painting is pretty neat I guess.

Breakthrough atmosphere

Revelation, a change in my mindset has occurred, but I'm still not sure if it is for the better or worst.

The world is a canvas for the new brush of my mind.

I splash a couple of times randomly, but no defined shape is emerging.

I try again, this time slashing the white silk of time with a straight, simple line that unites the previous stains.

Conception and conclusion united by goals and purpose. It looks a little bit better now but I keep going.

A couple of bumps in the road would make for a nice twist, I told myself as I began to reshape the once simple line into something more complex.

Getting closer to the goal, but not quite there yet.

It still looks too tame, so I once again reshape the line, now making it more akin to a mountain range, with sudden painfully long drops and miracle like heights.

But it looks so alone, I need another thing, a last one to make it all complete.

As I searched for the missing element I felt stuck, unable to locate the secret that ties together a life of happiness versus sadness, a life of meaningless work and improbable fulfillment...

Companionship, that was the answer all along, love and support.

I throw a new line on the canvas, meeting the first in the most unlikely of places, and now it feels complete.

But I do not.

I just shaped reality itself in my mind, but I still feel powerless.

All the control I had just seconds prior has faded away.

I'm thrown back on my own line, back to walking towards my own final splash, and to eagerly waiting to meet the line that crosses mine.

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