Bloody scribbles
Bloody scribbles dark stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Based on not so happy but true events...

Bloody scribbles

No good, just bad, all mixed toghether Nothing sad, just as dark as ever No one knows what lies inside Some pieces have yet to subside

Torn to shreds, never sewn back I stand divided fading in the black No cries for help, no hesitation Waiting for the train of life to reach the last station

"I can't resist for so long!", think I'll take a shortcut Now should it be a rope or maybe a throat cut?


It all rewinds, every agonizing second

No will to go back, there will never be any No chance this would've been merry

I go back

And back

And back

Never once wishing to come back


Blood pooling bellow This wasn't supposed to be such a show

What's done is over and out Like the knives and rope that just stuck around


Never again, never alone No courage left to pick up the phone

Death is calling, and coming quick No use to living when all is just a big trick.


And thats how that night would' ve ended, if my mind wouldn't have mended, if my soul would've hurt more, if I hadn't seen myself in the mirror.

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