Bitter sweet desires
Bitter sweet desires wish stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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I promise I'll let go.

Bitter sweet desires

I want to see you again, even though it breaks my heart knowing it will never be the same.

I wish we could talk again, even if the last words I heard from you broke me down.

I want you to acknowledge that I still exist, even if I know that you ignore me for my sake.

All of these desires mean nothing now, they only eat at me from the inside while I try to act cool on the outside.

A single smile can hide a thousand screams, and a wink a million tears, but nothing can hide the hole you left in me.

But I still try to act like I wasn't devastated, because I'm scared to face the facts and to talk about it.

I know holding on to wishes and desires that would never come to fruition won't help me at all and would only deepen the extent of the damage, but I'm too scared to move on.

When life gave me lemons I poured their juice on my wound just so I wouldn't forget the pain, that was my mistake.

But now I finally get it, you left for the both of us, not just yourself.

And to thank you for it I will follow your lead one last time and I will try to lose my bitter sweet desires.

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