Behind closed doors
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blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Do you?

Behind closed doors

Behind closed doors lies the monster in every human

Behind shut windows no one can hear you scream

Behind the locked trapdoor a body stands lifeless

Behind the bathroom curtains blood is filling the tub

Behind white walls a black soul is tearing another apart

Behind the backyard fence an oblivious neighbour is minding his business

Behind the house the next victim is strugling in the cars trunk

Behind the bars of the cell...

Is no one

And no one knows or cares.

Behind the perfect girls door blood is streaming from her wrists

Behind her moms door a third bottle of wine is being emptied

Behind the kitchen door a knife is still missing

Behind her bad fathers shed door a rope disapeared

Behind the girls bathroom door a pool of blood has formed

Behind the showers door a noose is dangling

Behind the terror of the parents...

Is nothing, no hint of guilt

And there will never be any.

Behind the screen on which this is written stands a person who could help

But do you want to?

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