A song of pen and paper
A song of pen and paper harmony stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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What's the tune of your heart?

A song of pen and paper

A song of earth and fire, that torn down an empire, turned it to blood and dust, a song that brought a flood of lust.

A song of holy and sacred, brought down and incinerated, the crystal of the skies, that burned through many pairs of eyes.

A song of no tune or melody, spoke with timeless harmony, told stories of old and new, about the many that now are few.

A story of you and me, that we thought would never be, will now be sung by many a generation, and will ignite the flames of passion.

A song of fire and ice, of cards and dice, of love, of feelings suppressed, by the very familiar feeling of unrest.

A song of few words, written by a dreamer of sorts.

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