A day for baseball
A day for baseball baseball stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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A day for baseball

In the cold morning sun his favorite glove was the only thing he could count on.

From under the blue ball cap, two sapphire specs glistened in the stray rays of the sun, and he let go of the best curveball of his life.

He watched in awe at his own performance as the ball cut the air around it and bent its trajectory perfectly into the umpires glove, looking like it almost pierced it.

It was a great day for baseball, the temperature was just right, the wind mild and the sun not too bright for his eager eyes.

His right hand was finally fully healed after last games accident so he could put his ambidextrous talents to good use against this rookie team.

Pitches flew hard and bats striked back and out harder.

It was a great day for baseball, truly.

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