A colorful drawer, fragrance multiplicity
A colorful drawer, fragrance multiplicity cup stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Tea-m building the different flavors.

A colorful drawer, fragrance multiplicity

"I'll go make another, but what kind..."

I go to open a drawer in the kitchen.

After a couple of wrong guesses I finally open the right one.

A beautiful display of colorful packets and little bags.

I look around every inch of the rainbow drawer.

After a while I give up and pick up one at random.

I already had a teapot full of boiling water.

The blackish bag softly gets drowned inside.

After a bit of time the powerful fragrance of the black tea starts to take over the room, like a mellow coffee feel.

Wanting to get energized, I take a big gulp.

Rushing heat in my whole body.

Grabbing the cup I go back to what I was doing earlier,

with a new fragrance at my side...

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