A blend of opposites
A blend of opposites  white stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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From pink to gray.

A blend of opposites

Green and blue and purply smiles sometimes reach my eyes, make my soul rise.

Oh sunny day, color bombs away; paint the world pink, push a monochrome world to the brink.

Make the sky green, make people wonder what it could mean: "How could winter be red, how could such chaos be bread, by boredom and creativity, with very lack-luster ability?"

The world is sure to crush down to rubble as soon as someone bursts their colorless buble,

never even trying to embrace the beautiful polychrome grace that now exists only in a thin and fading artistic trace...

And so, a grand finale, a master stroke, a plead to evoke what once was bold, what now is forbidden to be told...

That black and white form shades of gray, which make the world sway, which walk the line between yours and mine, and bend and break us all after the curtain call...

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