The Blaire Interviews #4: @wafflecatz
The Blaire Interviews #4: @wafflecatz the blaire interviews stories
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Today I am here with @wafflecatz!

The Blaire Interviews #4: @wafflecatz

Hello everyone! Today I am here with @wafflecatz!!

How are you doing?

I'm alright, how about you?

I'm good!

That's good!

Okay, first question! What is your favorite thing about Commaful?

I like how supportive everyone is here and how encouraging they are

I agree :) Do you prefer writing poems or stories?

Probably stories, but I think both are cool

Nice! If you could be an animal for one day, which one would you be?

A cat, because I've always been interested on seeing the world through a cat's eyes

Interesting! It does sound cool to see the world through an animal's perspective! What is your favorite book?

I like the Warriors series, but all of them are pretty good for the most part. The New Prophecy however was just about them walking and arguing lol

Lol! Who are four of your favorite people on Commaful?

You really going to make me choose? lol. Everyone here is awesome!

Lol! Last question, you ready?

Yes I am!

Okay! How did you discover Commaful?

My sister was talking about it, and I said it sounded kind of cool. So she made me join so she could get another referral and get closer to the badge lol. I had no intention of posting on here at all until something came to my mind and I wanted to write it down. Then I remembered Commaful, and went back to post my first poem!

And here I am lol

Wow! That's a cool story.

Thank you for joining!

Thanks for having me!


Please follow @wafflecatz! She is an amazing writer and an amazing person! Her profile link will be in the description :)

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