Anxiety Attacks
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It's a poem ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anxiety Attacks

by blahihatelife

It took 1 before I could talk to you 2 more till I made sense 1 more till I felt comfortable around you 3 more till I could openly hit on you 1 more till I did it without stumbling threw words

Atleast 2 more after you sent me the first nude And 1 for every nude after that It took 5 anxiety attacks till I could send you a booty pic And 2 more till I could send you a nude

It took 2 to except I was falling in love you It took 2 more to except that you weren't It took 3 attacks in the span of a week to sleep with you And 1 for every time I thought you regretted it

It took 5 anxiety attacks to get over the fact you thought I was too broken It took 2 more to talk to you without hating you And 1 more to be able to look you in the eyes

It took me 2 more to talk to you like a friend It took 2 more to realize you don't wanna be friends And 1 for every time I'm reminded I'll never be enough for you and I'm replaceable

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Anxiety one of those sneakey things you know it's going to happen it always does you just don't know when it's going to happen and it's mostly at a time you least want it to happen and if you can still live your life around the attacks you are doing well