The New Normal
The New Normal horror stories

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A girl in the woods getting used to her new normal.

The New Normal

It was a quiet, peaceful morning. She sat her special rock in the middle a small clearing. Taking deep breaths of the clean forest air. She never grew tired of these endless she spent simply sitting looking at the perfectly still forest sounding her. Endless trees stretching in every direction.

They seemed to go up forever trying to reach the dark clouds above. She could smell the ever-present rain in the air as she slowly stood up and stretched her stiff muscles. She pushed an unkept strand of her wavy red hair behind one ear as she looked down at her only friend sitting there on her rock.

The small, tan, stuffed rabbit stared up at her with its glassy eyes. She picked up its limp body running her finger over the small blue patch on its chest smiling fondly at it. Then pulled a pair of goggles that had been resting on its head over its eyes not wanting the rain to get in them.

She turned, hugging the animal to her chest and let her feet carry her home not even paying attention to her surroundings. As her home came into view the rain started to pour down pelting her with its heavy drops but she did not change her stride.

By the time she stepped through the open door of the large shack she thought of as home, she was soaked to the bone. The blood that covered the floor mingled with the rain running off her body and stuck to the skin of her feet as she walked forward past the mutilated bodies of her caretakers and the animal corpses from her last meal.

She looked up into the large broken mirror at the end of the hall and bared her pointed, bloodstained teeth. Then she picked a piece of gore from them and flicked it to the ground. She turned to opened the heavy steel door to her room as if it were nothing.

The acrid smell of blood was lesser in there as she sat on her baren, bloodstained cot. Setting her friend beside her she lifted her headdress made of the bones and feathers of her meals off of her head and set it gently on the ground.

Laying back onto the stiff cot she closed her eyes and just listened. There was complete silence aside from the patter of rain on the roof of the shack. A branch breaking and the rustle of leaves several miles away. Her eyes opened black and empty. She would have to go find the animal foolish enough to trespass on her land.

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