My Darling
My Darling horror stories

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My Darling

She lay there in my arms so peaceful. My darling, my beautiful. Her thick black hair in perfect disarray around her gorgeous face. her soft broken eyes closed, face lax, free of worry. Not a care in the world. These last few weeks have been so stressful. So much going on without a moment's rest, my poor darling. Her job, her family, her friends. Nothing going right.

No one but me noticing she had been falling to pieces but now. Now that's all over. My darling. She's so calm. Breathing soft and slow, growing ever slower. The perfect picture of serenity. My darling, my love. My peaceful thoughts are interrupted by the sound of slamming doors and sirens. But no matter, it's all better now.

As they barge in ready to break this last peaceful moment, I think only of the perfect picture of my darling. Now lying in my arms completely still but peaceful. The pool of slowly cooling blood in a perfect circle around us, only broken by the knife I used to bring her peace. But now I must go. I will have my peace soon but until then.

I have my last peaceful, perfect, memory of my flower, my love, my beautiful, My Darling.

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