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Elise was a quiet girl who got bullied merely for the freckles on her face.

Freckle Face

Elise was a quiet girl. If you asked anyone what they thought of her they would say that she was pretty friendly or would answer "who?" looking back at you with a blank stare on their face. She wasn't the prettiest girl in the school but she stood out for the simple fact that she had freckles. They covered a large portion of her face but she didn't mind.

Some decided this was enough to make her a target, they chose to see this as a bad thing, something that was wrong with her so they looked for any flaw. Any tiny detail that they could expose to give themselves the satisfaction of making someone else's life harder.

They poked and prodded her, doing anything to get a rise out of her merely for their amusement. They made fun of her messy hair red hair, calling her carrot top or tomato. Her dark baggy clothes and the same pair of tennis she wore every day or her plain brown eyes.

But the thing that bothered her most was when they yelled down the school hallways, calling out freckle face. Elise hated this nickname and it was pretty much the only thing that would cause a drop in her cheerful disposition.

You would think that no one would care of even give a second thought to this normal event that happens in every high school all over the world. But some noticed. Some saw the purpose in the way she walked and steered clear. Some saw the intelligence in the flashes of red in her dark brown eyes.

One, in particular, noticed all of these things and tried to study her. Every time the bullies in the school disappeared or how one day they would show up quite and despondent he would look at her and try to piece together the mystery.

Then one day when he was following her and he walked around the corner right into her. Dropping his books and trying to sputter out an apology. She bent down to help him pick them and he grabbed them as fast as he could. Careful not to make eye contact. He glanced up to thank her but stopped cold.

He was locked in her gaze as her normally friendly smile turned menacing. Her eyes seemed to glow red as a cold chill swept through his body. All hopes and dreams, every suspicion he had about her, every care slowly faded away. She smiled once more then turned and walked away. He looked up just in time to see her glance back at him.

Even though the hollowness that now consumed him, he noticed she had a few more freckles added to her face.

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