Wars In My Mind
Wars In My Mind poetry #teenagers #depression stories

blackluna ✒ Just a beginner
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What happens into the mind of a teenager with depression?

Wars In My Mind

The blue eyes that hide dark, secret stories behind them

Are now drowning in bitter tears.

Those trembling lips are keeping words as prisoners.

That beautiful mind everyone praises

Is now full of dark thoughts that remodel

The decayed soul of the girl.

She was supposed to be the savior, the hero of the story,

So why was she becoming the lonely, broken villain?

Villain and destroyer of her mind and soul,

Confused by her life and her own self

The girl is left in darkness, fighting herself.

The silent battlefields and wars inside her rotten mind

Leave visible markings on her wrists,

As a reminder of who she once was, a warning of what could

Happen to her again, a nightmare that will always stay with her,

As a part of her new deteriorated life.

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