How Many Dreams Did You Steal?
How Many Dreams Did You Steal? poetry stories

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How many dreams did you steal? Why? Dreams should fly, not die.

How Many Dreams Did You Steal?

How many dreams did you steal? With a misplaced comment in a moment of anger With a casual, unaware word or two not thinking Or knowing, or wondering, perhaps not even caring at all

Did you set the record straight or do it for their own good? How does a dream stealer fall into a deep, cozy slumber?

You need to do the coloring in the lines. It is how it is done. You must pay close attention, sit attentively like the rest

Did you fake interest when it was wanted, deserved Forgetting that the body speaks as well as the mouth? It doesn’t help to just turn the mirror over to hide, silly Why is giving attention such a massive burden to you ?

Dad wanna play catch? The eager little man asks to the couch Not now, son is the answer as the channels go flick, flick, flick Why you old, crazy fool! He was inviting you into his dream You turned him down to as the seconds turn to minutes then to hours

Mommy, I made this just for you and a dream picture appears I’ll look at it later but later never really comes until it is too late

The moment has passed, the false lesson delivered to the little one Who was sharing a glimpse of her precious, innocent dream world

With a nervous twitch the wife bravely shares her long-time wish I want to go to college, take some drawing classes is what she says

Her once thin, handsome husband looks up from the paper sighs We have a comfortable life why do you want to ruin it with such a plan?

Look what I have written, do you think it’s any good at all? The nervous hubby says as he hands his loving wife his story

Well, it is good but I can see that it needs many corrections, dear He takes it back, tosses his words into his bottom desk drawer to sit where dreams die

Oh, why must we let so many love moments die? Oh, how many dreams do we steal?

Dreams can come true, don't you know?

Encourage in a world filled with disheartenment Be one who lets dreams fly not one who makes them die

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