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black_cat Just sharing my feelings and thoughts
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When a love ends, it hurts.
Even if they live all the way across the ocean.


At first I cried, then everything went numb.

I buried all my feelings deep inside of me, because I couldn't take the pain.

I shoved my heart somewhere dark, somewhere so deep where I couldn't hear  its cry for help, and I put a lock on it.

Now the lock has been broken and suddenly the pain has hit me like a wave that I just can't stop and it's getting bigger and bigger as I wait for the moment when it will finally crash on

the shore and destroy everything, destroy me.

I'm sitting here, staring blankly into the void, as I feel a burning hole in my chest, right where my heart is... or maybe was since all I feel it's emptiness.

As much as I try to stop it, my mind keeps going back to the memories of the times when you were laying next to me, kissing my lips and telling me you loved me.

I would have never thought the distance between us could get any greater than the ocean that keeps us apart.

And as the tears stream down my face, I'm writing this, to say all the things I'm not brave enough to say to you and maybe never will.

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