wise night
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bl4nky im just a bystander
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it is said that the night brings counsel

wise night

i always tolled myself to stay strong i'll find peace one day when i die but i was wrong coz it found me one night

how can i hate a lie?when i live in it try to hide it but deep inside am i not the one lying?

what's the use of having a heart if i do not feel anything?they don't know how hard it is to bury your feelings away

that's not bad i don't want you to worry i don't want them to stay

i don't want your affection people that makes me feel more alone increase that cold feeling and turn my cold heart to stone i'm on my knees but my soul's high i can still get up i used to do

it on my own

yes i smile i smile people for god who's been watching over me

even when i cry i cry if you say so i still smile with tears falling down my cheeks

one day i'll die surely i'll die but when i'll go i'll smile and you'll see

it happened in summer in a night like any other the pages' been torn apart giving way to a new start

i won't ever hold back my tears again i'm happy for real i wan't you to feel the same

for the first time i really know what to do make you mine and stay forever with you

though it would be impossible with you everything seems plausible

living hell has never been easy and never would have been without you sweetie

let us be togheter when we grow up (why wait) and togheter live it up

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